EPDM Roofing

EPDM roofing membrane  is the most durable, longest lasting, most environmentally friendly flat and low slope roof  with a very reasonable cost. EPDM is environmentally friendly and comes in traditional black and more recently available white  Energy Star rated  by the ENERGY STAR Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). We use Versico’s time tested  EPDM, and WeatherBond EPDM which has a Limited Lifetime Membrane Material Warranty.

WeatherBond is available in white and meets ENERGY STAR guidelines and is LEED approved. WeatherBond’s  EPDM  Limited Lifetime Membrane Material Warranty  states:  ” Subject to the following terms and conditions, WeatherBond® warrants to the Buyer that the WeatherBond membrane material,  (MEMBRANE) 60 mils in thickness or greater and utilized in residential applications, will not prematurely deteriorate to the point of failure because of weathering for as long as the Buyer shall own or occupy the building upon which the Membrane was applied, or for a term of fifteen (15) years for membrane less than 60 mils thick, if in both cases, the Membrane has been properly installed, maintained, and used for the purpose for which WeatherBond intended. For all non-residential applications the term of the warranty will be fifteen (15) years for membrane less than 60 mils thick and twenty (20) years for all other thicknesses”

Here is a sample copy of WeatherBond’s warrenty:  http://centralcontractingstlouis.com/?page_id=558

EPDM roofing products are  considered environmentally friendly enough to collect the rainwater for drinking and crop purposes.  EPDM has been on roofs for over 30 years. Newer products such as TPO have only been tested using accelerated age testing procedures.  We have recently seen two TPO roofs fail just after ten years. Manufacturer’s recently seem to have more confidence in this product, exemplified by  WeatherBOND TPO, which  has a similar warranty to their EPDM roofs however it track record is unclear.

Asphalt based  Torch applied  (TPP modified) and glue down (SBS modified) roofs only last about 10 years and that is the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty. These go by such names as Rubberiod,  Brai,  and Awaplan.  Torch applied membranes have the problem of and open flame and insurance companies are increasing premiums. In New York they are only permitted on concrete roof decks.

It does take some skill to install these roofs and there are contractors who make mistakes in installing them. We always follow the manufacturer’s specifications and details to ensure a quality roof.

Experience has shown that  EPDM roofs easily outlasts these other roofs. Click this link for further information on EPDM roofs from us: http://centralcontractingstlouis.com/?page_id=34

An EPDM roof is typically installed over a special recovery board depending on the application A rigid insulation board called “ISO board” is also used. ISO board has insulating properties of  R-5.6 to 8  per inch. There is an ISO Tapered insulation board so that  areas where water tends to gather can be eliminated.

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