Flat Roofing

One of our favorite projects is  installing EPDM rubber membrane roofs and we prefer WeatherBOND or Versico,  both  field and time tested EPDM roofing membranes. We are thrilled to pass on  WeatherBOND’s  EPDM  Lifetime homeowner warranty. We know we are leaving a quality roof that will surpass the homeowners or business owner’s expectations. Flat roofs are generally not particularly clean or pretty but these EPDM roofs are impressive.

When modified roofing was first introduced to the US  from Europe,  Central Contracting Inc. was among the first local  roofing companies to install the TPP asphalt modified torch applied and SBS asphalt modified membrane roofs which go by names such as Rubberoid,  Awaplan,  Tri-Ply, and Brai. We used the brand  made by U.S. Intec called  Brai single ply modified asphalt roofing membrane. Brai  had been in use in Europe for years so we knew we would not have a problem with it lasting the warranty period. We have methods now available to attach EPDM to built-up (tar) and modified so effective patches or extensions can now be accomplished. This was not possible 10 years ago.

When EPDM roof membranes was first introduced in the 60’s it was too new to have a track record. Manufacturer’s performed accelerated age testing to determine the length of warranty and 10 years was assumed to be safe.  Since we have been in business, we have seen products  not last the warrenty period and the manufacturer subsequently goes out of business leaving the homeowner or business with out recourse when the product fails prematurely. For this reason,  we are not early adopters. Today, 30 years later, some of these EPDM roofs are still performing well and the manufacturer’s have started to offer 30 year warranties for very thick membranes with multiple layer of cover tapes and flashings. For specific information on the  EPDM and the brands we install see: http://centralcontractingstlouis.com/?page_id=37      For more general EPDM rubber roofing  information:  EPDM rubber – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here is a link to the manufacturer’s warranty of the product we prefer.  http://centralcontractingstlouis.com/?page_id=560

The only roof that comes close to this kind of longevity is the 5 layer asphalt built up roof (BUR).  This kind of roof takes a very highly experienced crew to monitor the consistency and quality or the roof. The hot asphalt must be kept around 500 degrees F. and there is a high burn hazard as well as pungent odor problems in the vicinity. Experienced hot asphalt roof applicators have an abundance of burn scars.

The TPO roof  is a new arrival.  TPO is white and promoted as a “green” choice  (EPDM has a white version also). TPO has recently been promoted with warranties longer than ten years. We have recently bid on replacing two separate TPO roofs that were 10 years old that failed with severe cracking on the corners. It could have been a substandard manufacturer. Also. we have made some repairs to this kind of roof and a foreman developed an intense rash. So we promote EPDM since it has a proven track record and is also available in white as is TPO.  For TPO information click on:  ThermoPlastic Olefin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Copper flat roofs:  Occasionally it makes sense to install and flat lock-seam soldered copper roof. For decoration, 100 year longevity and extra puncture resistance, resistance to cigarette, chemical, etc. hazards.  This roof can stand some foot traffic were other flats roofs require extraordinary measures to allow for such activities.

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