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Our very first painting  job over 40 years ago was Roy Pfautsch’s house at the end of Portland Place. He also had us repair some roof slate since we had a safety line tied between the two chimneys. That was our first foray in to steep roof repairing and we did not paint for some time after since passing out fliers produced many more slate repairs. We used the best paint we could find so the job lasted many years.

Years later, in the process of restoring cornices on turn-of-the-century residences, since we had the scaffold set, it made sense for us to do the painting while we are there, rather than the customer hiring another contractor who would then have to set up ladders etc. to reach the eve again incurring additional unnecessary expense. So we began to put on the finishing touches ourselves. One of our team had excellent painting skills and the owner had us continue to paint the entire house. Then a neighbor noticed how well it looked and wanted us to paint their house also. Happy customers, great looking houses, people employed. The American dream!

Central Contracting uses the very highest quality primers and paints because the locations are very difficult to access and there may not be an opportunity to reach these areas for many years later.


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